First and foremost, Wayne Hoener is a farmer. Raised on a farm in Kansas, Wayne’s passion for agriculture remains as strong today as when he helped his father bring in crops as a boy. A Kansas State graduate, Wayne embarked on a career of helping the American farmer, and has been instrumental in the introduction and advancement of some of the most revolutionary and game-changing technologies and companies row-crop farming has seen.

Early in his career, as Product Manager, then National Sales Manager, for Asgrow, Wayne was pivotal in the introduction of both STS beans in 1992 and Round Up Ready beans in 1996. He ignited explosive growth for Asgrow, charting its course to be the market leader.

Wayne then joined Don Funk at the inception of Channel Bio Corp. and took a company that sold no soybeans to 4 million units in just over 7 years. Wayne was a key team player in the overall organization, sparking unprecedented sales growth across the board.

His many professional accomplishments, however, pale in comparison to his being a devoted husband and father to his family and friend to the near countless people he’s met on every road, paved or gravel, across this great country.

Wayne listens before he speaks. He’s quick to smile. Quick to extend a genuine, warm handshake both to those he’s known for years and to those he’s just met. He does these things without expectation, his natural empathy apparent in all situations.

Wayne’s strength and experience have taught him every driveway represents an opportunity to solve a problem. He’s a consummate sales leader not only because he knows product as well as anyone or is skilled at extending an offer. He leads by something much more profound.

He knows it’s not about the product he’s selling; it’s about the person sitting across from him who is looking for someone to help.