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The Midwest Way

Midwest’s new icon represents a quarter section of ground, the tract size that defined the western expansion of agriculture in the United States.

We honor the quarter section, or four forties, as it represents the risk, skill, perseverance and faith of all of our ancestors as they developed the land not only for themselves, but for the following generations of their families to come.

These four forties represent something more. Each one represents a fundamental part of what we strive to do for the benefits of our customers.

The highest standards

of quality in the industry

A myth spread across agriculture is that most seed is the same. We know it certainly is not. A driving factor of differentiation is seed quality. From light sorters to irrigated land to high pressure/low pressure dryers to bucket elevators to let down spirals, we carefully and gently handle our seed as well as anyone.

We will never misrepresent our product. If we won’t plant it on our farm, we won’t sell it to you. We’re so obsessed in maintaining consistent quality, we’ve worked with the same production company since 1945. We guarantee you, when you open a bag of Midwest, you will see the difference.

The Best Products

Through A Component Strategy

Every major technology industry, from farm machinery to cars to computers, builds products through components bought or licensed from the best manufacturers. We do the same with seed. We’re experts at assembling the best set of components to create superior seed performance in extremely specific regions of the Corn Belt.

We custom design and build our unique seed products from the widest range of sources in the industry. As a privately-owned company, we control how we build, who we partner with, and what we bring to market. The experience and expertise of our team, in the regions we serve, is unrivaled.

A Pleasurable Seed Experience

Does purchasing seed make you smile? We think it should. While it can be argued purchasing inputs has become a complicated chore, we believe it should be the exact opposite. From start to finish, we work hard to make sure every customer’s seed experience is as enjoyable as possible.

We’re agile, energetic and responsive to help our customers in any way we can. We always deal with customers in an honest and straightforward manner. If we get something wrong, we’ll fix it. Fast. We will never cut corners. Bottom line, we always strive to make this fun!

It’s All About You

Midwest exists to serve you, our customer. The most important job everyone at Midwest has is to listen to you and deliver solutions that bring value to your operation, business and life.

Day in and day out, season after season, our focus will never stray from helping you create the greatest success from our product. If we can deliver this and help you succeed, we simply ask that you take us with you.

A Nebraska Family. A bright future.

Our Products


Interested in Joining us in Nashville?

January 29th-February 1st, 2019 

What is funseekers?

It’s a different kind of gathering. It’s a time to network with like-minded people and enjoy each other’s company. To engage with a range of speakers and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds. It’s a time to spark conversation and new ideas. And definitely a time to have fun!

Cross-Pollinate Ideas

Two different plants come together to form a new, stronger plant, creating hybrid vigor. The same happens with ideas. When people with similar passion and diverse experience come together, the results are new ideas with greater vigor.

 Accelerate Growth

The world of agriculture isn’t slowing down, it’s only speeding up. To not only keep pace, but also to leap ahead, we’ll strive to infuse our discussions with new ideas to spark growth for your operation, business and life.

Great fun, great friends and cross-pollinating great ideas!

Grab a Bite

Nashville’s creative spirit has certainly infiltrated into its kitchens, making the Music City one of the best places to eat in the South. From casual barbecue to fine dining, local ingredients, and culinary experiences, Nashville has it all.

Hit the Hall

Kick off your Nashville experience with a day at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. The world’s largest popular music museum offers ever-changing exhibits featuring the legends of country music past and today’s hottest stars.

Ride the Row

Take a tour of Music Row and visit historic RCA Studio B, the famous recording studio where Elvis recorded more than 200 songs. Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Chet Atkins, Eddy Arnold, and many more recorded classic hits here.

Take a Timeless Journey

The Ryman Auditorium, also called the “Mother Church of Country Music,” has had artists as diverse as Elvis Costello and Patsy Cline perform on its legendary stage since 1892. If you love country music, the Ryman is a must-see!


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